Events 1960

The Era of Fanta

Fanta was Singapore’s fruit flavored soda back in the day. It was made and bottled by the Coca-Cola Company and has always been a part of the rich history of Singaporean drinks. Fanta isn’t only distributed there, however—Golden Era posters exist of Fanta as a drink that was also popular in

European countries.

Fanta exists under a different name in other countries, but in Singapore, it is still highly recognized as the main fruit soda people love.

The Jukebox

It was the 60s. Classic songs featured by crooning balladeers were in style and the latest edition of jukeboxes belted these classics out.

Just like in Western countries, the jukebox was a huge part of 60s Singapore. Recently, a promo was launched featuring jukeboxes spread across the city. These music machines belted out re-made classic songs and were part of Pop-up Noise: The Great Singapore Replay. You chose 10 classic songs from back in the day, and if your choices got re-made, you stand to win Beats headphones, an iPad mini, or a free Spotify subscription.

Street food in 1960s Singapore

The street scene enjoyed during the 60s is very different from today’s modern sites like the Singapore Food Trail. In the 60s, it was a period of recovery; the War had just ended 15 years earlier, and most countries were struggling to get back on their feet.

Life was hard in Singapore as it was in other Asian countries. Fortunately, people found a way to persevere. They started selling food on the streets at prices people easily afford. It was the beginning of the humble Singaporean street food—cheap but tasty. Back then, however, the food was often times hastily prepared and sanitary conditions aren’t as strict as they are now.

Today, you can enjoy the vintage feels of post-war Singapore in sites like Singapore Food Trail.