I Want to Eat: Top Food Ideas for Food Truck Businesses

A fair warning before you read this: you might get into some serious cravings.

Food has always been a big part of the American culture as it has been a part of a nation’s identity. Each country has its own spices, their own national dishes, and their own flavors. America, as big of a place as it is, has its own specialties, too, but not everything is made into commercial fare.

Starting a food truck business isn’t easy. You have to choose food that will become your main seller. If you haven’t decided on one yet, here are a few food choices that becomes your main seller eventually.


Barbecue has always been a big favorite. Each country has their own versions of it—how to cook it, how to season it, and what makes it taste so special. Food trucks, mostly, benefit from barbecue simply because you can make it great without doing much. Barbecue can also be reimagined to become an entirely new dish.

Hamburgers and Hotdogs

Who doesn’t like good ‘ol hamburger and hotdogs? These have been a popular staple in fast food and diners over the years. They’ve also been an easy to get food during events and American pastimes like football and basketball. Burgers and dogs, like barbecue, is recycled to become something new.


The Italian pie has undergone a lot of transformation through the year. From a dish featuring the white (cheese), green (leafy seasoning), and red (tomato sauce) of the Italian flag, the humble pizza can be reimagined in a lot of ways. It’s perfect for food trucks looking for a food concept to make into the central theme of their business.

Grilled Cheese variations

Grilled cheese is a pretty simple sandwich that anyone can make. You just need a toaster, two loaves of bread, and any type of cheese. It’s this simplicity and the ease of making them that’s a big plus for food trucks; you can imagine any type of combinations and you don’t have to make them too complicated.


It’s important to have desserts after meals if only because they do taste even better after a hearty meal. The group of food that can be called ‘dessert’ has a lot of choices and any of those is a potential food group for you to make into your theme. It goes without saying that a lot of ideas to be gained from choosing desserts as your food!

Coffee and beverages

Coffee and different iced beverages became even more popular when corner cafes sprouted up like mushrooms. It’s no surprise that they would also be popular food truck fare. Coffee can either be iced or warm, while the possibilities of lots of drinks make it easy to choose any one of them to be the central drink for your food truck.